Video Library

CSAEO owns about 800 videotapes, DVD and audio CDs, which can be borrowed by our members.

Most videotapes have been digitally converted and are now stored in our computers.

In our Video Library

  • Performative arts of China, Korea, and Japan: No, Kabuki, Bunraku, Peking opera, traditional dances, etc.
  • Fine arts: museums, exhibitions, classical and traditional artists.
  • Chinese, Korean, Japanese films.
  • Documentaries about various aspects of East Asian culture.

Utagawa Hiroshige
Hydrangeas and siskins
(Bernati Collection)

Here you can download our Video Catalogue (67 KB)

Video Catalogue - Updated on 2018, September, 19th


Opere in mostra a Palazzo Poggi

Fino al 18 ottobre

Nuove regole di accesso al CSAEO

Da lunedì 31 agosto

Nuove visite guidate

Alla Sala Orientale di Palazzo Poggi

Invenzioni cinesi: dall'aquilone al lanciafiamme e alla pittura a inchiostro

Tre conferenze al Museo Civico Medievale.
Ingresso libero


Fotografia e arte nel Giappone dell'epoca Meiji. La Scuola di Yokohama

Conferenza al CSAEO di Francesco Paolo Campione. Ingresso libero.


Korean language courses
Beginner/intermediate courses of Korean language, with our teacher Kim Hyunsook.
If you are interested, contact us.
Calligraphy and seal-carving school
Organized by Paola Billi and Nicola Piccioli

Contact us for information and accessions.


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